Add value to your facility with insulated shutters

McCoy Daniel | February 4, 2019 | 1 | Machinery & Engineering

Insulated shutters are wonderful additions to any business or industry who operates on a regular basis.


Since these insulated shutters are electrically operated, they are ideal for industrial, pharmaceutical, commercial and even agricultural applications. You will not only enjoy high level of energy conservation but also protection against the elements, minimise noise level along with privacy and security.


Why insulated shutters add value to your business?


  1. They are easy to operate — Insulated roller shutter doors have an average opening speed of up to 1.2m/s. They are an economical alternative to sectional overhead doors that can be bulky and challenging to operate. Since they use powerful direct drive system, you can expect the shutters to operate smoothly and quietly. This makes it a maintenance-friendly door in the long run.


Just make sure you contact trusted manufacturers and installers of insulated roller shutters to ensure maximum product performance.


  1. They are easy to customise — Depending on your business’ needs, you can ask certified technicians to customise your insulated shutters. You can add safety features like infrared or radar motion sensors depending on your preference. You can choose from a wide variety of industrial pulse generators like switches, radio transmitters and induction loops to name a few.


You can also select panels in various shades depending on what your brand entails. The customisation of roller doors, insulated shutters and industrial doors are available upon request.


  1. They are guaranteed safe to use — For industries that operate 24/7, you need to ensure that your insulated roller doors are safe for your workers and clients alike. Companies like Hold Fast Industries focus on implementing automatic wireless safety edge, fall protection and emergency chain operation in case there is a power failure or any unfortunate circumstances affecting the doors’ performance.


  1. They help reduce maintenance costs — There are roller doors industrial use with self-repairing features. You can ask any legit supplier to show you how an industrial roller door can help minimise maintenance costs. They use frequency converters that allow you to manually change how fast or slow you want the door to open and close.


The doors’ exceptional insulation helps a lot in reducing utility costs. They ensure that the products kept inside have the required temperature. The door’s insulation also helps seal in moisture and prevent cold air from escaping and warm air from entering the warehouse or cold room.


  1. You can use them in a wide variety of applications — these insulated doors are not only used in warehouses but they can also be used in factories, cold stores, loading, external doorways and even distribution centres to name a few. Their use is varied depending on what your business or industry requires.


Whenever you need a sustainable door that helps reduce energy costs, make sure to source it from a supplier and leading solutions provider of industrial doors. It is also important that the company you pick can also recommend trusted advisors willing to offer innovative solutions for your business to succeed.


What you need are not just products that work but insulated shutters that help boost your production, keep your products in good condition, and reduce energy costs without compromising worker safety. If you want to find out what else you can benefit from insulated roller shutters, visit today.

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